‘Hero’ Dog Senses Child’s Dangerous Blood Sugar Drop Miles Away

Four-year-old Sadie has type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome, which means that it’s very important to keep her blood sugars stable, but can be difficult to monitor. So, Sadie’s family had a special Labrador, named Hero, join their family to help with exactly that. Hero is a trained diabetic alert dog, and with his special nose, he can tell when Sadie’s blood sugar is too high or too low, and will alert her parents by doing anything he can to get their attention, like whining, pawing, or nosing them.

Hero lived up to his name and became just that and more back in December 2015. Sadie was in her special needs class at her elementary school in Cedar Hills, Deerfield Elementary School, while Hero was at home in another town, Pleasant Grove, which is five miles away. Somehow, Hero’s keen sense of smell knew from those 5 long miles away what was about to happen and warned Sadie’s parents. Watch the video below, from KUTV, to get the full story.