Herding Dog Mistakes Golden Retriever Buddy For A Sheep

If you’ve ever had the distinct pleasure of calling a herding dog your own, then you know their instincts can be super strong. Corgis, for example, are known to herd children around if their behavior isn’t kept in check (which is hilarious but okay, we’ll concede that it’s inappropriate). These dogs are incredibly intelligent and hardworking, and it can take a serious round of training to convince them that they shouldn’t follow their herding instincts.

Zoe the Kelpie knows the struggle all too well. Kelpies are a working breed, and this particular cutie is a real-life herding dog! She spends her days herding sheep and getting them into their respective paddocks alongside her humans, but sometimes those instincts go a little too far. Just watch what happens when she meets a 13-month-old Golden Retriever! It’s seriously way too funny. That poor Golden has NO idea what’s going on.