Soldier Comes Home from Deployment… His Dog Comes Running!

Harley is one happy German Shepherd! Why? Because his soldier daddy is finally home from deployment. After months apart, Harley is caught by surprise to see that his daddy is finally home again, and basically Harley goes nuts! Harley’s family keeps it a surprise, so at first, Harley walks into the room unaware that his dad is home. But, as soon as he gets a glimpse that the Staff Sergeant is in the room, he goes crazy. Harley is so excited about the reunion that he can’t even come close to containing himself – he just runs around the room, jumps at his owner several times, and even continuously circles around him. He can’t sit still if his life depended on it! The bond that these two have is obviously a very special one!

The dog welcomes soldier dad home videosĀ and stories truly never get old. It’s always so touching to see just how much dogs and cats miss their owners when their away for long periods of time. These videos make me tear up every time… in a good way, of course! If this put a smile on your face, make sure to share with your friends and family!