Grumpy Bulldog Throws Temper Tantrum When She Can’t Reach Her Itchy Ears

If you’re little or you have short arms or legs, you probably know that perpetually being unable to reach anything is a constant (and extremely annoying) struggle. Getting that can of soup from the top shelf involves intense acrobatics and finding pants that don’t drag on the ground is basically impossible.

One chunky-but-funky bulldog who’s not exactly blessed in the leg department totally feels your pain. Unlike her leggy, supermodel-esque friends like Great Danes and Greyhounds, this pudgy pooch has pretty stumpy legs, which can prove to be really irritating when she has an itch she can’t scratch. Her ears were bugging her one day when, to her horror, she realized that she couldn’t reach them. Watch her adorable and totally relatable meltdown in the video down below.