Game of Thrones Pugs Edition!

Blinkbox, an on-demand video service, has substituted the human actors with canines to make… Game of Thrones Pugs Edition! Just when I thought that Game of Thrones couldn’t get any better.

I’m no stranger to bully breeds’ willingness to allow their owners to dress them up in costumes and fun clothes, but this takes the whole idea to a new level of adorable. According to Blink Box’s YouTube description:

“To celebrate the release of the fourth series of Game of Thrones on blinkbox we created this video starring 3 adorable pugs. ‘The Pugs of Westeros’ sees Roxy, Blue and Bono playing doggy versions of the main characters; including Joffrey Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

The pugs’ owners, Phillip Lauer and his wife Sue, have been dressing their pugs up as characters from movies and TV since they were puppies. They normally only shoot still photography but jumped at the chance of creating a mini-movie based on one of their favourite shows.”