This Golden Retriever Is WAY OFF When Trying To Catch Food And It’s Hilarious!

Golden Retrievers are known for one thing… retrieving. They’re supposed to be the master dogs at catching just about everything. Well, Fritz the Golden Retriever may be one in a million when it comes to this breed of dogs. Why? Because he has quite the trouble catching… just about everything!

Fritz’s human made a super cute video of just how bad Fritz’s catching skills are, and it’s so cute! Fritz is given basically every dog’s dream – the chance to eat delicious, glorious food, like steak, strawberries, a meatball, a taco, and more, and all he has to do is catch the food in his mouth. But, alas, he cannot. All we can say is #FAIL! But,¬†Fritz did manage to make one piece of food into his mouth, so make sure to watch until the very end. Catch more of Fritz and his “can-do attitude” at Fritz Dog, his YouTube channel.