This French Bulldog Puppy Had His Bed Stolen By The Family Cat!

This French Bulldog puppy had his bed stolen by a Calico cat, and now he is trying to reclaim it! He tries and tries, but that cat is just so stubborn. This situation unfolds pretty much exactly how I would have expected it to. Fun and playful puppy, worn out from a day of mischief and adventures, comes back to his bed to take a peaceful nap, only to find the cold stare of the menacing and authoritative cat there to greet him. Silent and watching, the cat seems indifferent. In reality, however, the cat has staked a firm claim on the bed and isn’t going to leave.

The French Bulldog puppy decides to try his hand at reclaiming the bed. He clamps down with his puppy teeth and begins pulling. The cat is unimpressed. Only after eventually becoming bored with the situation does the cat relent. The puppy feels as though he was victorious, but in reality, the cat has just moved on to its next victim.