Fred The Senior Dog Adopts 9 Orphaned Ducklings As His Own

Dogs. They’re really the greatest, aren’t they? They rejoice with us when we’re happy, comfort us when we’re sad, and always want the people and other animals they care about to be safe and content. One adorable senior doggo who knows a thing or two about that is a lab named Fred.

Fred is a dog living his best life at Mountfitchet Castle in England, which is located in a Norman village that dates back to the Middle Ages. Aside from being a tourist attraction for its medieval architecture, Mountfitchet and the surrounding village attract visitors because of the animals that live on the grounds.

They all roam freely on the lush, 10-acre property and are cared for by staff. One day, a precious group of nine little ducklings wandered onto the land without a mama duck in sight. Staffers were more than happy to keep an eye on them, but one particular resident took to them more than the rest. That’s right. It was Fred.

Fred has become the adoptive dad of the ducklings and he takes his job super seriously. He watches over the ducklings, keeps them together, and even lets them go for rides on his back (which obviously makes them chirp with delight). Learn more about Fred down below and be sure to share his adorable story with all the dog moms and dads in your life!