Fed-Up Lady Gives Pony A Stern Talking-To When She Finds Him Playing Dead

We’ve all heard of animals playing dead, but they’re usually critters of the wild variety. They do it as a survival mechanism. But there is one unlikely animal that’s been giving his human mom plenty of headaches with his possum-playing antics. Why, you ask?

Because every once in a while, this woman gets a phone call from a concerned passerby about the dead horse that’s laying on her property. Except it’s Pinto and he’s not dead. He’s just dramatic. While anyone else would break down after getting such a call, Pinto’s mom knows the truth. She’s onto his scheme.

Here’s one such call that she posted about on Facebook to preface one seriously hilarious video:

Electrical contractors called me. Ma’am, you’ve got a dead horse here in your pasture.

No I don’t, he plays dead all the time. Is his leg sticking straight up in the air?

Yes ma’am. I’m telling you he’s dead. The leg sticking up is because rigor mortis has set in ma’am, I know horses, I own a few.

Sir, my horse ain’t dead. He plays possum.

This was the last straw. Sick of Pinto’s nonsense, she went out to the pasture following that call and gave him a hysterical talking-to. As you’ll see in the video down below, he was 100 percent unbothered by the whole thing


*Make sure to turn on the sound on the video if you do not hear anything.*