Every Child Should Have A Dog. This Video Shows Why!

When this baby laughs, you can’t help but be filled with joy. When you realize why the baby is laughing, there can be no doubt in your heart that dogs and children can be a perfect fit for each other, and every child should have a dog.

This little baby is taking a bath when his Dachshund friend decides to peak over the side of the bath tub. The dog spots the rubber ducky, and cuteness ensues! The rubber ducky could¬†easily be mistaken for a dog toy. Too bad it isn’t, because in this case, it seems the little baby will win and the poor pup won’t get a chance to gnaw on this particular toy. So adorable!

I like to believe that having a dog as a kid fosters a love of animals, and a greater sense of empathy towards all living things. What do you think?

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