This English Bulldog In A Swing Is Going Viral

This video of an English Bulldog in a swing hit YouTube Tuesday, and we picked this story of from Daily Mail.

Meet Ozzy Pawsbourne, the Prince of Barkness. Just from knowing this bulldog’s name, you can tell that his owner has a sense of humor. Jesse Citron, Ozzy’s owner, admitted that he was apprehensive about posting the video.

Though it’s endearing, Citron feared an animal cruelty backlash. However, his friends convinced him that the video would be appreciated.

We’re going to leave it up to you all to sound off about what you think of this video. I will just say, as a bulldog owner myself, this breed is notorious for being very laid back and cooperative when it comes to being put in various scenarios – you can dress them up or put sunglasses on them, and they’ll just sit there nonchalantly asking, “Where is my treat?” They’ve also been known to be extreme support participants, with video of bulldogs snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding regularly popping up! Either way, we have no doubt that Ozzy is loved and appreciated by his family.

Sound off below. We want to hear your feelings about this English Bulldog in a swing!

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Story Via Daily Mail UK