An English Bulldog Was Found Unconscious And Nearly Dead… Then Something Miraculous Happened. Thank Goodness.

This English Bulldog was found unconscious, starving, and nearly dead in the street. How could someone do this to such a sweet and beautiful animal?

If you came across this sight, what would you do? I think there is a hero in all of us, and I believe that you would have done exactly what this Good Samaritan did in partnership with Broward County Rescue. At only 19 pounds, this little girl was in desperate need of care. She was starving and had one of the most severe cases of demodex mange you had ever seen. They named her Princess. Nobody knew how this could have happened, that is, until they found the tracking microchip.

The Vice President of Adopt A Bull Rescue, Camille Levy, used the information from the Microchip to get in touch with the owner. Supposedly, after finding out that Princess had mange, that they returned her to the pet store from which they received her. Levy believes that Princess had been purposely starved and left for dead.

After a week in the care of a veterinarian, Princess was doing much better. Also, more good news – thanks to Adopt A Bull, Princess found a home! Watch the video below to see the dramatic change from before and after Princess was cared for and found a forever home.

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