Energetic Puppy Tries And Fails To Play With Uninterested Cat Friend

If you’re not a fan of kids, then this scenario is probably all too familiar to you. You’re just minding your own business when you feel a tug on your sleeve. Seconds later, you hear some weird cooing sound. That’s when you put it all together and realize that you’re being harassed by a tiny person who’s inexplicably sticky and wants to play with you. Then you freeze, wondering why you’re being punished this way.

This cat knows exactly how you feel. He was just minding his business at home one day when a tiny nightmare named Pixel came up behind him, barking and hopping and expending a lot of energy that he should have just kept. Try as he might, Pixel cannot get the stoic kitty to budge. For a solid minute straight, the tiny pup knocks the truly unbothered cat around hoping to get a rise out of him. Just like most adults who don’t want to be bothered with children, the cat stands his ground and does not give in.

Watch the hilarity unfold in the video down below!