This Bulldog Puppy Is Adorable… But He Has A Bad Attitude! LOL!

This little bulldog puppy is in need of a serious attitude adjustment! Just kidding – this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Elvis was born with a cleft palette, but after a little bit of medical treatment and some tender loving care from his mama, Patches, he is showing signs of becoming a classically stubborn and feisty English Bulldog. While this behavior is adorable, we of course want to caution to dog owners to also be aware that too much of this stubborn yet adorable behavior should be moderated! Regardless, it’s still a hoot to appreciate the strong instincts of this fantastic breed coming out of such a tiny little body.

I love English Bulldogs – this is no secret. I am absolutely melted by Puppy and Adult Bulldogs alike. This is no exception! Watch Elvis the Bulldog puppy give his mom attitude in this video. I think this little guy is going to need to spend some time on the naughty step!