This Dreaming Puppy Makes Adorable Sounds And Looks Like Winnie The Pooh!

This dreaming puppy looks like a teeny, tiny Winnie the Pooh… and what is that adorable sound he is making!? I have no idea, but excuse me while I pick my melted heart up off the floor. Simply adorable!

I’m not even sure what breed of dog this little guy is. He truly looks like a little teddy bear. Is it possibly a Shiba Inu puppy? Whatever he is, I want him. If only puppies like this could stay small forever. Sadly, they always seem to grow up, though! What’s up with that? If you have a video of your puppy dreaming away, we’d love to see it. You can message us on our Facebook page at and we will be happy to feature you and your cute puppy. The rest of the I Heart Pets community will thank you, too. 🙂