This Dog Saved A Baby From An Abusive Babysitter

Finding the right babysitter can be a long, nerve-racking experience. Parents of course want to be extra careful to ensure their child is in caring, capable hands when they can’t be with the child themselves. There have certainly been horror stories of kids being left with babysitters that turn out to be not so great. But, the vast majority of babysitters love the kids they are babysitting just as much as the parents do. With that said, you can never be to careful, and most parents know that, so they’ll go through endless resumes and interview processes to find just the right babysitter.

This mom and dad, Ben and Hope, did just that – they went through a thorough hiring process to find the perfect babysitter for their newborn baby. After the new babysitter started, Ben and Hope started to suspect that something wasn’t right after their usually very calm and laid-back dog, Killian, began to act aggressively towards the babysitter. They did some investigating of their own and discovered the disturbing news of what was happening inside their house when they were gone. Ben and Hope give Killian full credit for discovering what they did. KIllian the dog is a true hero! Watch the video below for the full story on how Killian the dog saved a baby from the abusive babysitter.