Dog Found Cowering In A Corner Gets A New Leash On Life

If you’ve ever wandered through an animal shelter, you probably have seen dogs and cats from all walks of life. Some are ready to greet you with purrs or wagging tails, some keep it calm and collected, and tragically, some make their fear and distrust known. All over the internet, you can find videos of dejected dogs sitting in their kennels, too scared to approach.

The latter story was all too real for Noodles the beagle. This poor pup’s life had gotten off to a heartbreaking start. While strolling through a local shelter one day, one man saw Noodles huddled in the back of her crate, doing her best to hide while other dogs approached with their tails wagging. The man decided that he wanted to take a chance on this poor dog who had clearly known nothing but hardship in her life. He grabbed a snack and sat next to her in the kennel, waiting for her to make the first move. After he gained a bit of her trust, he took her home.

Happily, his kindness and patience (paired with some help from his other rescue pooch!) brought little Noodles around. Progress has been slow and steady, but this kind guy is just happy that he could give her a second chance. Be sure to learn more about Noodles and her story down below.