Dog Escaped Korean Meat Market Now To Become Therapy Dog For Amputees

Seeing dogs hurt by humans is always something that I just can never comprehend. They’re such loving creatures – how could you ever imagine doing anything but love them back? Well, Chi Chi is one special dog, because she has been through some very difficult times, but came out through it all with such a huge smile on her face. As Chi Chi’s Facebook page says, “Chi Chi’s journey is one of survival, courage, and spirit to never giving up even in the darkest moments of her being,” and that statement couldn’t be more true.

In South Korea, a butcher bound her legs together and hung her upside down, waiting to be made into meat. But, Chi Chi’s legs began to rot as a result of being hung upside down for so long. Knowing that her meat was no longer good, the butcher put her in a trash bag to be thrown away. Chi Chi never gave up home, and an animal rescue group found her in that trash bag by the black market meat trader and saved her. They brought her to an animal hospital where doctors knew that her only chance of survival was if they amputated all four paws.

Just one day after her surgery, Chi Chi already had a huge smile on her face and was playing with her squeaky ball! She is now in the United States at her furever home in Arizona, and her new family plan to certified Chi Chi as a therapy dog to visit amputees at hospitals. We can tell Chi Chi has a lot of love to give, and a life as a therapy dog couldn’t be more perfect for her. We’re sure Chi Chi’s inspirational story and and unbounding love will bring so much comfort and joy to those in need of a little extra love, hope, and courage. Watch Chi Chi’s amazing smile and special spirit in the video below.

Shannon Keith, the President and Founder of ARME, the organization that helped with Chi Chi’s rescue, said, “Don’t ever question who can defy the odds.” Chi Chi certainly defied the odds, and now it’s time to spread her story and help end the dog meat trade both abroad and in the United States. Follow the ARME Facebook page for more information.

Watch Chi Chi’s full story in the video below. Warning: the below video is graphic.