Ever Seen A Corgi Getting Vacuumed? Apparently, They LOVE It!

Ever seen a Corgi getting vacuumed? Apparently, they love it. See for yourself!

These owners in the videos below use a vacuum cleaner to take some of the excess hair off of their dogs, but if you want a more portable and incredibly effective way to significantly reduce shedding from your Corgi, Husky, German Shepherd, or other hairy dog check out an awesome product called theĀ FURminator deShedding Tool.

This Corgi and its owner are pros. They have their routine down pat.

When his owner vacuums the couch, this little guy insists that he gets vacuumed first!
This Corgi is a bit of a micro manager when it comes to getting a vacuuming.
This Corgi submissively lays on his back and descends into a serene trance when getting vacuumed.