Cat Born With No Front Legs Doesn’t Let Disability Slow Her Down

disabilities who find themselves in shelters often end up being dealt a death sentence because so few people want to take them on, even if those disabilities don’t require a lot of expensive medical maintenance.

Things probably looked bleak for one cat that was born with no front legs and was surrendered to a vet’s office, but the little Siamese mix was fortunately given to vets who eventually were able to hand her over to someone who fell in love with her instantly after seeing a photo. Now named Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux (but we’ll call her Roux for short), this little feline is in a loving home. What’s more is that even though her disability is pretty severe, it definitely doesn’t slow her down!

As you can probably guess by her full name, this gal gets around by hopping like a rabbit on her hind legs. Amazingly, she runs and plays just like any other cat. She was actually given up by her former owner because she had a hard time using the litter box due to her deformity. But as far as hardships go, that’s one of the only ones she deals with! Aside from that, she’s your average playful cat. Learn more about Roux and see her in action in the video down below.