When This Baby Poops His Onesie, The Family Dog Has A Hilarious Reaction!

Nobody can resist the sounds of a baby giggling – no matter how bad your day, hearing the sound of a baby’s laughter can have the same effect as holding a puppy: bringing a smile to your face. However, the baby in the video below has that funny smirk on his face for a reason that goes beyond being adorable. They say dogs can sense things that we humans can’t – sometimes it results in acts of canine heroics, but other times pure hilarity ensues. This is an example of the latter – the baby poops his pants, and the dog has a hilarious reaction.

This little baby brings new meaning to the idea of ,”When you gotta go, you gotta go”!

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Can you guess what he did? Well, let’s put it this way: babies are built for just a few things: eating, sleeping, crying and pooping. Well, the poor dog knows. Wait until you see the look on his face when baby goes number 2. :-O