‘Aggressive’ Dog About To Be Euthanized Given Second Chance At Life

Imagine being taken away from the only life you’ve ever known and being thrown in a cage, passed by strangers every single day with no idea what’s going on or what’s going to happen to you. This is the plight of every animal placed in a shelter, and the confusion can lead to some pretty dire behavioral consequences. While people stroll through the aisles looking for their new pet, some dogs can lash out not because they’re genuinely mean, but because they’re scared and puzzled by their new life.

This can mean that these dogs don’t get adopted, and at many shelters, that leads to euthanasia. One dog named Cerberus in South Africa was about to meet that fate for that exact reason. He was known around the shelter as being extremely defensive and territorial, which meant that no one wanted to take a chance on him. When one self-proclaimed “dog-listener” came into his life, however, everything changed.

That kind individual worked with Cerberus slowly to gain his trust. Eventually, it was like he turned into a new dog, undergoing a true transformation after being shown a little love and kindness. Learn more about his story down below.