Tiny Puppy Faces Off With Huge Doberman With Absolutely No Fear

If you have a small dog, then you totally know that they can be tiny terrors. For some reason, they tend to have zero self-awareness. It’s not uncommon to see chihuahuas try to throw down with (totally uninterested) pit bulls and dachshunds trying to turn a casual encounter with a German shepherd into a WWE smackdown. It’s funny, a little alarming, and to the owners of the big dogs in the equation, super annoying.

And sometimes even puppies that will ultimately grow up to be docile big dogs follow in their itty bitty counterparts’ footsteps by definitely not picking on anyone their own size. Just ask Kyra. Kyra is a super small puppy with a bone to pick with Boss, a huge doberman. She has absolutely zero qualms with challenging him head on, which clearly confuses Boss to no end. Even when Boss just tries to lay down and enjoy the beautiful weather, little Kyra can’t help but bug him! Check out their brutal battle in the video down below. Kyra is a true savage.