10 Cute Beagles That Will Make You Giggle!

There’s nothing like some cute Beagles to look at to make you smile.

Have you ever thought about getting a Beagle? Well, if you’re looking for a medium sized dog with an even temperament and a very long, 12 – 15 year life span, then a Beagle may be for you. In addition to these great qualities, Beagles are also clowns – they don’t mind following their nose to some comedic mischief.

Here are some additional fun facts about Beagles to help you with your decision making process:

  1. Beagles are muscular, athletic dogs – they require a fair amount of exercise to maintain their health. However, being smaller dogs, they should do ok in an apartment as long as they get room to move around frequently.
  2. Tricolored Beagles are the most common, but they also come in red, white, tan, and ‘lemon.’
  3. Snoopy is a Beagle. This is a very convincing factor for me, personally. 🙂
  4. In order to be considered a true Beagle, the tip of the dog’s tail must be white. It’s the details that count with this breed standard.
  5. Royalty have been known to own Beagles, including but not limited to King James the 1st and Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Very fancy.

And last, but most certainly not least, here are some pictures of cute Beagles to help you make up your mind:

1/ Beagle Chillin’ On The Rocks



2/ Poignant Black And White Beagle


Thomas Hawk via Flickr

3/ Goodness, Those Eyes Are So Cute!


Annie Many

4/ Dignified. Standing At Attention.


Anup Jose via Flickr

5/ Whatcha’ Doing Up There Buddy?


Charm Lady via Flickr

6/ Being This Cute Is Hard Work.



7/ So Many Cute Beagles



8/ Cute And His Minion, Mini-Cute.



9/ Handsome Buy.


Jean Stone via Flickr

10/ Hey, You Can’t Eat That? Ah, Who Am I Kidding? I just Cant Say No To You. 🙂


Katie Wojo

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