Woman Sees Strange Marks All Over Her Dog – Realizes It Happened In Her Own Backyard

You always want to think your furry friend is safe with you. You’re his best friend, and he’s yours. But, sometimes when they are out playing in the backyard, things can happen that you can never fathom. Fox 59 reported that a woman from Seymour, Indiana, Hayden Howard, was confused to see little marks all over her 100-pound English Mastiff puppy, Jackson. 

Hayden explained to Fox 59, “He had some marks on him and we thought they were bug bites and stuff. Well then Saturday night, I saw started noticing holes on him.” Dog shot with bbs and pellets

The pup seemed to be acting like nothing was wrong, but Hayden knew this was much more than bug bites after noticing the holes in her less than one year old puppy. Not just a few, either – the holes were all over her beloved dog’s body.

Hayden explained, “There was one under his eyelid, there was one in his ear, one in his knee, they were all over underneath of him.”
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  • Jeanne Phoenix

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6bdb9fce18f0c857745c9cebc74667dba361aaae03d85061b1f3cf89fb23064.jpg That’s so sad. I feel so sorry for the doggie. And how embarrassing to know it was happening to her dog for awhile and his owner didn’t realize it. What rotten scoundrels living next door!

  • David A .Hereaux

    The police wouldn’t have much to do if that were my neighbor. It would be a hazmat company that would have to clean up a bloody mess.

  • Evelyn Eftalia Duffy

    Oh my goodness . . . what’s wrong with people . . . how can they be so cruel. They ought to do the same thing to these bastards.

    • Maureen Murphy

      I agree 100% these are not people, they
      are horrendous monsters!!!

  • Tina

    more and more sick people around… poor dog… I hope God watch all of us very attentively .

  • Patti Sturgill

    How did she not hear the puppy yelp or cry out? And why do you not check to make sure they were bug bites or not? And I would so want a better investigation. My opinion. js

  • Deborah Toppings

    WHY WAS THE PUPPY LEFT OUTSIDE?????????????? It should be inside if it out to go potty!!!!!!!!

    • LittleTom

      There are several reasons an animal should spend some time outside. Potty call, exercise, fresh air, sunshine etc.. Besides who would think someone would be insane as to shoot anything at a helpless animal. The person or person’s should be caught and horsewhipped. God is watching!!

    • Hazel Pj Grey

      dogs need time out doors to run and play.

    • Madoline Madigan

      My dog only goes out to pottie and I stand on the deck.She seems to be healthy and certainly spoiled and happy.

    • teriquajones

      Whatever the reason, it does not justify abusing the animal.
      However, a responsible dog owner should not leave their dog outside unsupervised.

  • Hazel Pj Grey

    Charge everyone in the house with conspiracy to commit animal abuse because if they did not do it they know who did and are complicit in the crime. Once they are all charged, and they may have all taken a turn at shooting the dog, the instigator will be ratted out.

  • LaShonda Maddox-Tutt

    Oh I would have laid everybody in that house down

  • Deborah Toppings

    Poor sweet puppy had been out too long if this happened… My 3 go out to play but I am always with them… Nothing or NO ONE will get my babies!!!!!

    • CindyB1006

      not necessarily true. if they were lying in wait, so to speak, they saw her put him out and off to the shooting range. surprised at all the judgments here. my dogs go out and sometimes just don’t want to come back in, laying on the sidewalk, barking at the neighbors, getting “pets” from the neighbor kids, etc just blessed I don’t have neighbors like these. Peace

  • greeneyes

    Someone would pay dearly if this were my dog. I would be livid.

  • Laura Bondonno

    It’s horrible that anyone would hurt a animal like this. I don’t understand why no one heard the bb shots or why their dog was stuck in a tree??? There is more to this story than is being told to the media.

    • Sheila Brandon-Allen

      BB and pellet guns are fired by using c02. It’s pretty much silent. It doesn’t have a big BANG! Like an ordinary gun. So, no, you won’t be able to hear them. As for the puppy stuck in a tree? I didn’t read that anywhere.

  • Lynne Mayo

    If that were my dog and I found the person that did it, they would be pulling pellets out of their own body. I just don’t understand people anymore. Has everyone gone crazy? So happy the dog is doing better.

  • Annabel

    So glad he is making a full recovery. What”s wrong with people they just love being cruel to animals they just think its fun they don’t think that the dog might be suffering.just hope they find the bastard who did this and let them pay the vets bill!!

  • Pamela Beam

    That’s how serial killers start. They torture poor animals before they move on to humans.

  • teriquajones

    It’s time for an animal cruelty police squad in the United States. Maybe it could be an addition to each city’s Animal Control? It would be easy to deputize some of the employees then keep them on-call to investigate animal-related crimes like this one.

    • Katja Ann Schiefer

      I like that idea…….

  • jferengi

    This is incomprehensible. Whoever did this should be put into stocks and displayed in public for 3 days.

  • Smart Cookie

    Jail time.