Woman Sees Strange Marks All Over Her Dog – Realizes It Happened In Her Own Backyard

You always want to think your furry friend is safe with you. You’re his best friend, and he’s yours. But, sometimes when they are out playing in the backyard, things can happen that you can never fathom. Fox 59 reported that a woman from Seymour, Indiana, Hayden Howard, was confused to see little marks all over her 100-pound English Mastiff puppy, Jackson. 

Hayden explained to Fox 59, “He had some marks on him and we thought they were bug bites and stuff. Well then Saturday night, I saw started noticing holes on him.” Dog shot with bbs and pellets

The pup seemed to be acting like nothing was wrong, but Hayden knew this was much more than bug bites after noticing the holes in her less than one year old puppy. Not just a few, either – the holes were all over her beloved dog’s body.

Hayden explained, “There was one under his eyelid, there was one in his ear, one in his knee, they were all over underneath of him.”
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