Veterinarians Are Warning About New Dog Killer Hiding In Your Own Backyard

Getting to love and care for a dog is a special part of life that is difficult to replace. One special way of ensuring you give your dog a happy life is taking them to an open field, unhooking their leash, and letting them roam free (in a safe area, of course). Dogs love the feeling of running freely and exploring their surroundings, and as their human caregivers, we certainly love giving them those experiences.

However, there could be a potential threat to your dog lurking in the fields that is important to look out for before introducing your dog to a new area. That threat is all too common, and believe it or not, is grass. There are certain types of grass that can be harmful to your dog, and even lethal. A particular type of grass that has proven to hurt dogs is foxtail grass.

The Threat

Foxtails / Source: The Dogington Post

The foxtail plant is a grass-like weed with barbed razor-sharp needles that are designed to burrow into the ground with the seed. While this is certainly a wonderful phenomenon of nature, it can also be very dangerous to dogs, as those needles can burrow into your dog’s skin, causing harmful lacerations, or even get inside the dog’s body.

According to

the danger of foxtails goes beyond simple irritation. Because these tough seeds don’t break down inside the body, an embedded foxtail can lead to serious infection for your dog. It can even lead to death if left untreated….Embedded foxtails can cause discharge, abscesses, swelling, pain, and death.”

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