This Blind Dog Rescued A Drowning 14 Year Old Girl. What A Hero!

This beauty of this story started well before the day that Lisa Nibbley almost drowned. Years before, Annette and her husband, Steve, went to a shelter to rescue a dog. Scheduled to be put to sleep the very next day, they heard the barking of a Labrador Retriever puppy. They knew that this would be their dog. They named him Norman.

Not long after, the McDonalds noticed there was something wrong with Norman’s eyesight. They brought him to a veterinarian and were startled to hear the bad news. The veterinarian told them that Norman had a disease called Retinal Atrophe, and that there was no cure. Norman would soon be a blind dog.

Years later, after Norman had lost his eyesight, it was a beautiful day at the beach like any other. Lisa Nibbley, like on so many other days, was wading around in a gully. Everything was fine, until the ocean tides changed direction, and water began rushing into where Lisa was. She couldn’t stay afloat. She was fighting the tide and the current, and she was quickly being depleted of energy. Thankfully, there was a hero there that day.

Annette McDonald, who just so happened to also be at the beach that day, heard Lisa screaming. She yelled to Lisa, “Yell for Norman! He’s my dog, he’ll save you!” What happened next was a miracle, and it will never be forgotten. Watch the video below to find out how this story ended.

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