4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Check out these important 4th of July Pet Safety Tips!

The 4th is a great time to hang with friends and family, and have a burger or a beer. However, it can also be a dangerous day for pets if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Please read over the following safety tips, and Share this information to keep our furry friends safe!

  1. Keep Your Pet Indoors During Fireworks Displays – This is so important. Dogs and cats can’t even begin to imagine what the cause of the extremely loud sounds and bright lights are. It this lack of awareness that can startle and traumatize them, leaving psychological damage. Provide your pet with a secure place to relax indoors during fireworks displays.
  2. Citronella and Insect Repellants Are Toxic – These commonly used insect  repellants are extremely toxic for pets. Do not leave these substances laying aro
  3. und. Put them away or far out of reach.
  4. Alcohol Can Be Toxic For Dogs – If your dog or cat drinks too much alcohol, just like humans, they can go into a coma or respiratory failure. Keep fermented drinks away from your pets.
  5. Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper ID – Did you know that the more pets go missing on the 4th of July than other holidays? Yes, they do. Make sure your pet has tags on them with adequate information, such as name and telephone number, just in case the unthinkable happens and your pet turns up missing.
  6. Be Judicious With Table Food – Be aware that there are guests around as well as lots of food that your pet isn’t normally exposed to. Even one day of eating table food can result in painful disturbances to your pet’s digestion.
  7. Other Harmful Substances – Please be aware of and keep any other foreign substances away from your pets, such as lighter fluid and matches.

Photo credit: @danalynn117 & PetsSmart