20+ Best Pet Halloween Costumes Of 2017

Fall is almost here, so it’s high time to get ready for the spookiest time of the year: Halloween! Get those decorations out, stock up on candy, and start obsessing over what Halloween costume screams your name this year. Most importantly, don’t forget about your furry friend! While you should always do what’s best for your pet, which may mean not dressing them up at all if they do not take well to having clothes put on them, it can be super fun to dress your cat or dog (or hamster) up for Halloween, as well!

We recommend getting a costume early in the season, so that your pet can practice wearing it before attending those Halloween pet parades, or for the big day spooks and spirits itself, October 31st. Don’t expect to put your pet’s costume on the day that they are to wear it and be immediately comfortable in it. Give them plenty of time to get used to the costume!

Find a pet Halloween costume that will have you laughing so hard you’ll start crying, or choose a costume that matches your own Halloween look. Get even more creative by getting your significant other or entire family involved in a group costume idea. Or, do you have multiple pets? Dress them all up with a theme! Whatever your plans are for this Halloween, check out our 20+ best pet Halloween costumes for 2017 below to get your noggin firing with ideas.

Einstein Pet Costume

Is your dog or cat a regular Einstein? Knows how to open doors themselves, always gets their leash when they want to go outside? Dress them up as Einstein himself for Halloween! My dog is always outsmarting me to get what he wants, so I’m thinking this may very well be the perfect costume for him!

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Slimer Pet Costume

For the Ghostbusters fans and true Halloween lovers out there, Ghostbusters themed costumes are always a top choice for some Halloween dress-up fun. We especially love this Slimer costume for a pet! Could it be any cuter? We can only imagine how silly this costume would be on a bulldog! Get your dog dressed up as ghost Slimer, and grab a Ghostbuster jumpsuit costume for yourself.

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