10 Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You

There’s no greater feeling in the world than that of knowing you’re loved. When you have the privilege of having a best friend with four paws, a wet nose, and a slobbery tongue, there are few forms of friendship that provide the same feelings.

Though dogs can’t speak, they still say “I Love You” in other ways. If your dog does any of these things, then you know that he or she loves you more than you will ever know. Some of them are obvious, but maybe you didn’t know some of these other behaviors are actually your dog showing love for you.

1/ Eyebrow Lifting and Wiggling

There are subtle cues that can be seen on your dog’s face that can indicate how much she loves you. This is particularly true for the dog’s eyebrows. In a recent study in Japan, dogs were introduced to their owner, a stranger, a toy, and something they didn’t like. Observers compared behavior in response to each stimulus. Far more eyebrow and ear activity was observed in response to their owners and the dog toy that they liked. On the other hand, the same dogs were more reserved around strangers and toys they weren’t fond of.

2/ Tail & Butt Wagging

A dog’s tail is one of its most useful appendages for expression. You’re probably already aware that a wagging tail can indicate excitement, but pay special attention to how your dog wags his tail. If your dog wiggles his whole butt, or if his tail wags and sweeps in a circular motion, you know your dog is truly enamored to see you.

3/ Following You Around The House

You know your dog is your best friend when she follows you as closely as your shadow. If she is always near you while you perform errands around the house or in the yard, you know your dog can’t stand to be away from you. Who needs alone time when you have a best dog friend?

4/ Licking Your Face

If your dog gently licks your face, you know he is trying to demonstrate how solid his bond is with you. This can be especially true if your dog is generally conservative about giving out kisses. However, even dogs that love us may be sneaking some spaghetti sauce off of your face, on occasion!

5/ Sleeping In Bed With You

Not everyone is a fan of having a dog in bed with them, but knowing this may very well change your mind. Your dog views the bed like the pack den – if he jumps in bed with you, and finds comfort by sleeping near you, then you know that he truly feels like he is a part of the pack. So, let him cuddle up with you!